The Fifty Pence 50p Guide 2024 Kew, Christmas, Viking, Coloured & Silver 50ps!

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Welcome to the latest edition of the “Fifty Pence Guide 2024”


12 pages covering non-coloured and coloured fifty pence coins!The guide contains scans of each seven-sided legal tender fifty pence coins for all the territories along with the UK.

Each scan has the date issued and an average price guide to help value your collection. Prices have been taken direct from “Auction” and “Buy It Now” sales. Low values are typically are from auction and the higher are taken from buy it now.

We don’t print fake sale prices, i.e £100,000 for a Jubilee 50p (sorry)

Real values from real sales!


The guide covers the following;


Great Britain

Strike You Own (Royal Mint Tours)


40th Anniversary 2009 set

Isle Of Man

British Indian Ocean Territory (BOIT)

British Antarctic Territory (BAT)



South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands



Ascension Island

Tristan Da Cunha


St Helena

Republic Of Ireland

Coloured Great Britain

Coloured South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands

Coloured Isle Of Man

Tristan Da Cunha

Coloured Gibraltar

Coloured British Antarctic Territory (BAT)

Coloured Guernsey

Coloured Falkland

Coloured British Indian Ocean Territory (BOIT)

Coloured St Helena

Coloured Jersey

Coloured Ascension Island

Pitcairn Fifty Pence Tick List (no price list with this token set)


Item specifics:


A5 Perfect bound booklet (a proper book)

112 internal pages of coins and information

High quality 135gsm gloss inner paper

High quality 300gsm cover

Weights over 225g!


Uncoloured AND Coloured coins included!

Mintage figures where available

Silver valuations for non definitve designs (new for this year!)

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  1. Mandy (verified owner)

    Very interesting book, good price


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    Anthony P.

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    James Adger

  4. DWAYNE (verified owner)

    I’m still reading this and found that some coins are worth a lot more than the change I got them in.


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  13. Guy J. (verified owner)

    Being a new collector have found this item very helpful. Not only showing all the fifty pence pieces to collect but the estimated values too.

    Guy J.

  14. William C. (verified owner)

    Interesting booklet to have for information etc.

    William C.

  15. Chris H. (verified owner)

    A very enjoyable read

    Chris H.

  16. David Phillip-Pritchard (verified owner)

    Excellent product and slllluperb delivery times. Good guide with clear photos and prices.

    David Phillip-Pritchard

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    can’t fault it

    MA B.

  21. DWAYNE (verified owner)

    Quality guide, great to get the latest information on the 50ps for the start of 2021.


  22. Brian (verified owner)

    A very useful book.


  23. Pauline Bothwell (verified owner)

    Fantastic very happy with my order

    Pauline Bothwell

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  26. Andrew Watson (verified owner)

    Very nice book this year. Nicely laid out. Terretories are much better presented this year. Excellent.

    Andrew Watson

  27. Ryan Robertson (verified owner)

    Best book going even though most of the coins in that book you’ll never see

    Ryan Robertson

  28. adrian cullum (verified owner)

    adrian cullum

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    Came quickly and looks amazing!

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    Really interesting. I recommend anyone who is interested in coins should order one.

    Abbie S.

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    Guide is amazing, very helpful for if u are unsure on any value of 50p coins.

    Ryan P.

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    Really useful to have all the information in on place. Definitely worth the money for any starters like me.

    Steven Beckett

  41. Alan Catterall (verified owner)

    Very informative.

    Alan Catterall

  42. Ellen T. (verified owner)

    Nice book just what i wanted and very interesting to see other then UK 50 pences

    Ellen T.

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    It was a gift and the recipient was very pleased with it


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    Really good informative guide. Great to see which coins I need for my collection.

    Tom McAlpine

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    Matthew Smurthwaite

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Problem free and i received the merch very quickly


  49. Helen Williams (verified owner)

    Really informative . After reading it ive now started on the Faulkland isles 50ps.

    Helen Williams

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    Again very good value for money

    yvonne robinson

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    Book arrived in great condition, very happy with it.

    Steve L.

  53. Michele C. (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Excellent book

    Michele C.

  54. Neil Fennell (verified owner)

    Contains a lot of info but perhaps isn’t
    The best laid out of books

    Neil Fennell

  55. Jane Lilley (verified owner)

    Best guide out there

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