UKCH Points

We have now implemented a new feature to the website. UKCH Points, this is a loyalty programme to help save money for everyone! To be able to participate you will need to make an account with us and buy items.

When viewing your basket you will see something like this “If you proceed to checkout, you will earn 8 UKCH Points!” Once your order has been paid for and shipped by us you can view in your My Account section which is located in the top left and then go to UKCH Points to view your point balance and to check your transactions which will show points earned.

We have set the rule of every £1 spent you will be allocated 1 point, you can keep building your point balance up and then use your points at checkout for a maximum of 10% off of the order total. We set this limit so the loyalty program wont be taken advantage of.

When we run giveaways or promotions we can now also give back by adding points to your account. You will also be able to track points added and deducted from your balance in the UKCH Points section in My Account.

When an order is refunded your points will also be deducted from your account. If you are found to be exploiting this in anyway then we will add a block to your account and you wont be able to participate in the loyalty scheme. If you notice any unusual deductions or incorrect balances please make sure you email us [email protected] a long with all relevant information.